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Finance Training by BG Consulting, UK

We are appointed as the Asia Pacific marketing representative of BG Consulting, UK which is an expert in financial training. Courses include: Comprehensive financial modeling, Effective Procurement, Budgetting, Introduction to FRS etc.

Data Centre Training

Jfam Synergy is an authorised regional reseller for CNET Training in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Singapore's Productivity & Innovation Scheme

Singapore companies can now pay as low as one third of the course fees under the Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme. PIC enables all businesses in Singapore to get up to 400% tax deduction for external trainings for up to a total of $800,000 (for 2011 & 2012), after which 100% deduction for the rest which exceeds the $800,000 cap. This means you can get up to 68% of tax savings from attending our trainings!

Your Partner in Corporate Education and Training.

We provide Mechanical, Electrical, Oil & Gas, Finance, Data Centre, ISO, IT & Soft Skills Training in Malaysia & Singapore.