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Finance Training by BG Consulting, UK

We are appointed as the Asia Pacific marketing representative of BG Consulting, UK which is an expert in financial training. Courses include: Comprehensive financial modeling, Effective Procurement, Budgetting, Introduction to FRS etc.

Singapore's Productivity & Innovation Scheme

Singapore companies can now pay as low as one third of the course fees under the Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme. PIC enables all businesses in Singapore to get up to 400% tax deduction for external trainings for up to a total of $800,000 (for 2011 & 2012), after which 100% deduction for the rest which exceeds the $800,000 cap. This means you can get up to 68% of tax savings from attending our trainings!

Your Partner in Corporate Education and Training.

We provide Mechanical, Electrical, Oil & Gas, Finance, Data Centre, ISO, IT & Soft Skills Training in Malaysia & Singapore.