Advanced Supervisory Management by BG Consulting | JFAM Synergy


Essential 4-day seminar to enhance your supervisory and leadership skills

Provides solutions for your most challenging issues, plus real-world ideas & techniques you’ll need for management success today

This seminar is a fast track to supervisory and management success!

Whether you’re new to the job or you’ve been around awhile, you’ll get expert guidance on leadership, motivation, coaching, performance management, communication, conflict management, and more.


  • EXCEED your KPIs by leading effectively and getting more done through effective people management
  • REAP the rewards that come from handling conflict management with patience, firmness and objectivity
  • GAIN access to the ideas and innovations of today’s best managers
  • PRACTICAL approach so that you will leave this seminar with toolkits you can apply immediately
  • TRANSFORM you into a more effective leader and discover your true potential


For line managers, executives, supervisors, and those who have recently been promoted to a new managerial or supervisory position in the organization.

This course is also relevant to present supervisors to further enhance their knowledge and skills towards up skilling their supervisory and leadership competencies.

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Advanced Supervisory Management BG