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Moving from Customer Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty

This is a 2-day highly interactive training course which  moves participants from delivering good service that produces satisfied customers, to special and personal service that converts customers into LOYAL ones. The training will focus upon understanding the importance of customers.  The importance of enhancing and nurturing relationships, so that you maximize and sustain business from these will be shared.

Staff will learn the significance of customers (BOTH INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL) and why everyone, should do everything, every time, to facilitate the relationship. Everyone needs to know it is their job to delight and satisfy customers, whether they are external people or internal staff!

The training will also highlight the crucial importance of understanding and practicing great recovery skills. Finally we cover motivating and inspiring one another and covering and supporting each other when the chips are down!



This course uses lectures, role-plays, group work, videos and brainstorming about how things could be done better. The training approach employs action learning, individual exercises and questionnaires on management style and coaching.



A one / two-page report is submitted to you at the end of the training highlighting the following:

  • Brainstorming ideas that emerged in the discussions. (Very often good ideas get generated in the training room but there are few mechanisms for drawing these too management’s attention)
  • Any outstanding aspects concerning the training or the participants.
  • Any general observations that the trainer feels may be useful to management.


You can choose whether you would like to attend one of our scheduled public courses or have it delivered on your premises as an in-company solution

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