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Information is the basis on which governments and commercial organisations to conduct their business activities.  Loss confidentiality, integrity, availability of information and services can lead adverse impact on organisations.

Consequently, there is a critical need to protect information and to manage the security of information technology (IT) system within organisations.  This requirement to protect information is particularly important in today’s environment because many organisations are internally and externally connected by networks of IT systems.

Auditing is crucial to the success of any management system. As a result, it carries with it heavy responsibilities, tough challenges and complex problems.

This IRCA certified (course no. A17533) five (5)-day intensive course prepares delegates for the auditor qualification process for ISO 27001:2005 and trains them on how to conduct audits for Certification Bodies and the organization (as ISMS Internal Auditor). It also empowers them to give practical help and information to those who are working towards compliance and certification.


  • Language:   English
  • Computer skills e.g. Microsoft Windows, Mircosoft Office
  • Experiences of information technology or information security
  • Experiences of ISO/IEC 27001: 2005
  • Knowledge of the principles of information security management systems



Whilst participating on this course you will be subjected to formal assessment as required by IRCA, which will involved two (2) separate elements:-

  • Continuous assessment of each delegate undertaken by the course tutor(s) throughout the duration of the course whilst delegates are engaged in undertaking various case studies, collectively or individually, and during the simulated audit exercises.
  • A formal examination to be sat by each delegate on the final day of the five (5) day course.


  • If a delegate passed the continuous assessment, but failed the written examination, they may re-sit the examination at a later date.
  • If a delegate failed the written examinations with a particularly low mark, they will be advised to re-take the entire course.
  • If a delegate failed the continuous assessment (less than 60 out of 100 marks) they will not be permitted to take the written examination.
  • Re-sit of the examination must be taken within 12 months of the original course, and with the original course provider

Continuous Assessment will be undertaken by the course tutor(s) on a daily basis and will be recorded in a “Personal Continuous Assessment Record” document.  Tutors will use this document to maintain a record of delegate performance throughout the duration of the course.


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