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This globally recognised Information Technology Service Management Standard has been designed to shape consistency into the management of IT services and infrastructure, either internal or outsourced, to benefit both employees and clients. The ultimate goal being effective overall IT service management.

The standard is based on key processes ranging from service level management reporting, budgeting, and accounting RELATED SERVICES for IT services to informational security, supplier, incident, change and release management


  • Businesses outsourcing IT Services
  • Companies wanting to ensure consistent approach from all their IT Service Providers
  • IT Service Providers wanting to benchmark their IT Service Management
  • A basis for third party certification IT Service Providers wanting to demonstrate to internal and external clients their application of  consistent and high quality  IT services
  • Companies aiming to improve the quality of their IT services and increase productivity with cost reduction in IT




While participating on this course you will be subjected to formal assessment as required by IRCA, which will involves two (2) separate elements:-

  1. Continuous assessment of each delegate undertaken by the course tutor(s) throughout the duration of the course while delegates are engaged in undertaking various case studies, collectively or individually, and during the simulated audit exercises.
  2. A formal examination to be sat by each delegate on the final day of the five (5) day course.


  • If a delegate passed the continuous assessment, but failed the written examination, they may re- sit the examination at a later date.
  • If a delegate failed the written examinations with a particularly low mark, they will be advised to re- take the entire course.
  • If a delegate failed the continuous assessment (less than 60 out of 100 marks) they will not be permitted to take the written examination.
  • Re-sit of the examination must be taken within 12 months of the original course, and with the original course provider

Continuous Assessment will be undertaken by the course tutor(s) on a daily basis and will be recorded in a “Personal Continuous Assessment Record” document. Tutors will use this document to maintain a record of delegate performance throughout the duration of the course.


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