Reliability Improvement Programme & Maintenance Cost Optimisation for Process & Power Generation Plant | JFAM Synergy

This course emphasises the background of Plant Maintenance/reliability Program in detail as part of the Plant asset management. It will specifically emphasize issues related to the development, implementation and control of maintenance program with additional emphasis on Plant performance, reliability, Remaining life assessment and Maintenance cost analysis.  Asset Management Concept as applied to Plant environment, its systems, structure and components will be discussed in detail.  Maintenance strategy and various concepts may reduce cost, but all must be integrated to ensure high reliability levels. Continued compliance with the plant regulatory requirements, while fulfilling the challenges of cost reductions and effective maintenance programs, is of paramount importance. OEMs and Operators should be on the same level of understanding.

Within this 5-day period, you will be guided through the implementation of an optimised Maintenance Programme. You will focus on the monitoring task and the relevance of the efficiency of the Maintenance Programme, in order to fulfill the operational requirements and to avoid unnecessary maintenance cost. Case studies with practical examples of maintenance work-scopes from Thermal, Combined Cycle and process plants on plant systems, components and BOP will complement this course.



  • Plant Life cycle Understanding
  • Plant Maintenance program development
  • Plant reliability Program Implementation and control
  • Maintenance Cost control & Optimization
  • Lean maintenance methodologies
  • Maintenance & reliability Data Analysis tools and techniques.
  • Remaining life Assessment



  • Maintenance Management
    • Managers
    • Engineers
    • Chief Engineers
    • Vice Presidents
    • Maintenance Staff
    • Maintenance Planning Managers
    • Maintenance Program Engineers
    • Reliability Engineers / Managers


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