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Rotating Equipments is very critical for process Chain. Every year hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost due to downtime brought on by Machinery failure attributing mainly to Rotating Equipment, the unavailability of suitable spare components and the failure to accurately diagnose the real underlying problem. This course is designed for pro have an insight into rotating equipment reliability program, its implementation, performance factors, efficiency and up-time.

Maintenance program for Rotating equipment is a proactive and live document and as such need constant review in the light of OEM maintenance planning document and implementation of the same at Operations level .The course is aimed at learning the management of rotating equipment with proactive strategy. The asset management model as applied to Rotating equipment will be discussed in detail.

The comprehensive case studies for Gas turbines, Compressors, steam turbines, Pumps, generators and Fans will supplement this course. Advance condition monitoring techniques as applied in Industrial Plants will be given a thorough insight. Performance calculations and interpretation of parameters will be addressed in detail.


  • Maintenance Management
    • Managers
    • Engineers
    • Chief Engineers
    • Vice Presidents
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Maintenance Planning Managers
  • Maintenance Program Engineers
  • Reliability Engineers/Managers
  • Finance and procurement people



  • A-Z of Rotating equipment, Basic Classifications.
  • API, ANSI & ASME standards for RE
  • Advance Maintenance Management in Process Chain.
  • Eliminate unplanned down time, Improvement In maintenance program.
  • Latest innovations in RCA and CM for rotating equipment.
  • Implement Solutions that reduce the cost per hour of operation
  • Increasing daily revenue for Plant
  • Optimize performance and efficiency by adopting updates in condition monitoring
  • Effective reliability program to optimize the performance of critical Rotating Equipment
    • Practical Case studies to Evaluate and adopt solutions in industries


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