Disinfection, Sterilization & Infection Control of Re-Usable Surgical Instruments | JFAM Synergy

Best Practice Workshop: Utilizing Steam & Other Sterilization Methodologies

This is a 2-day course with interactive presentation sessions, followed by short quizzes and multiple choice questions on topics covered.  This course is conducted by an experienced and highly motivated trainer.


Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to “Microbial Hazards” and ‘Targets Set’
  • Sterilization Efficiency
  • Sterilization Process Testing – Why ‘test’?
  • Importance of Testing Programs
  • Preparing and Packing Instruments to be Sterilized
  • Packaging & Wrapping of Items for Sterilization Principles of Dry Heat Sterilization
  • Dry Heat Sterilization Processes
  • Steam (increased pressure) Sterilizers
  • Sterilizer performance monitoring & calibration
  • Operations & maintenance of steam sterilizers
  • Trouble Shooting – High Pre-vac Sterilisers
  • Low Temperature Sterilizers & Liquid Sterilants



  • Hospital and nursing home staff
  • Theatre Nursing Staff
  • CSSD & TSSU personnel in Hospitals
  • Sterilization equipment suppliers
  • Support equipment suppliers — eg suppliers of Detergents /Disinfectants
  • Hospital maintenance staff and technicians


You can choose whether you would like to attend one of our scheduled public courses or have it delivered on your premises as an in-company solution

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