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Strategic Management, Thinking and Planning

This is a 3-day course which is conducted in a highly participative style involving all participants. The trainer will facilitate discussions and work groups and role-plays with examples and interaction. The challenge is not give people head Knowledge but to challenge and assist them understand the enormous responsibilities associated with leadership.


  • Those who are assuming the responsibility for strategic positioning of their Business Unit or subsidiary company or division.
  • Those who are currently in senior management roles and for whom the importance of strategic planning has become somewhat routine. This will galvanize staff with new enthusiasm and passion for building excellence in their business.
  • The seasoned Leadership team that wants to refresh itself on alternative approaches to building excellence in their business.


“People don’t plan to fail. They simply fail to plan”

Organizations of all types today are focused on outcomes or achievements.  In the past they were often more preoccupied with input.  Outcomes however are focused on the organization’s vision or purpose for existing.

The importance of strategic planning is well understood by most leaders. However the time and effort actually given to the process does not always support the regard in which the planning is supposed to be held.  At worst strategic planning is not much more than “last year’s budget plus ten percent”. At the other end it can be an exhaustive process that takes so long to accomplish, that everyone is exhausted (and sometime confused with the final result)

In large and complex organizations the role of each Division or Section is to contribute towards the success of the complete organization’s activities by embracing the entity’s vision and achieving its own objectives based on the Organizations strategic goals.  Each Division or Section must then successfully manage and organize its work to achieve its goals. Goal achievement does not happen by chance. Left to chance things, tend to fall apart!


  • General Strategic Concepts
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Blue Ocean Strategy


You can choose whether you would like to attend one of our scheduled public courses or have it delivered on your premises as an in-company solution

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