Strategic Recruitment, Selection and Retention by BG Consulting | JFAM Synergy


A must attend intensive and practical seminar for all HR practitioners, business leaders, directors & mangers and executives to equip their organisation with the right toolkits to recruit, select and retain strategic talents.


  • IDENTIFY strategies to recruit the best candidates for the right job and appreciate the key approaches for locating top-notch talent
  • RETAIN high potential talents in a competitive market
  • DEVELOP the Talent Pipeline in the organization
  • UNDERSTAND what top performers want from the workplace
  • MANAGE the expectation of Generation Y’ers and reducing the attrition rate
  • ADDRESS retention issues by improving workforce planning, strategy and policy
  • Offer competitive compensation and benefits – key to reducing costly turnover
  • NETWORK with Human Resource experts & business leaders and delegates from various industries to exchange views and obtain professional advice


  • HR Directors, Managers, & Professionals
  • Line Managers who are responsible for recruiting their own team
  • Corporate Recruiters & industry practitioners
  • HR & Business Leaders whom are strategy architect


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BG Strategic Recruitment Selection & Retention