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Win-Win Negotiations

This is a 2-day highly interactive training in nature and use a variety of activities, games, role-plays, scenarios, case studies and reflection to maximize the transfer of learning.

This course has been designed to maximize learning by using extensive group discussions and role play.   The strategies implemented are:

  • Experiential Learning
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Action Learning


Today’s business environment reveals those with the capacity to negotiate effectively, objectively and with emotional maturity are at a distinct advantage in the world of business.

Irrespective of whether one is employed in a commercial activity or a governmental institution, whether for profit or a non-profit group, good negotiation skills are crucial for sound and sustainable business practice. They are important for establishing a sense of equity as well as being able to respond to the ever-demanding client, staff-member, or superior.

Win-Win Negotiations are structured with a view to establishing long-term successful outcomes, using good communication skills to achieve lasting and meaningful outcomes.

“A person doesn’t learn much if they are just told something or just listened to.  They learn more if you ask questions to make them think.”  John Cleece


Course Objectives:

  • Participants will learn to…
  • Understand the importance as well as the essence of good negotiations.
  • Manage and under-pin the negotiating process with solid and credible skills.
  • Communicate their expectations in a positive, assertive yet gracious manner.
  • Appreciate the four phases to achieving WIN-WIN results.
  • Listen, understand and then respond to the other side’s arguments.
  • Understand the critical elements and phases through which a negotiation process moves


You can choose whether you would like to attend one of our scheduled public courses or have it delivered on your premises as an in-company solution

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